Best add-ons for where to watch the X-Files on Kodi

Fourteen years and two movies after the previous X-Files were seemingly closed for good, Mulder and Scully are back for more. Series 10 (a six-part mini-series) has just gone live to a hugely expectant fan base and, if we’re honest, has received a fairly mixed response.

Anyway, as always, the Kodi community has been quick to ensure that these episodes have been made available to anyone with a streaming box. With a number of different groups offering sources to the X-Files Season 10, we’ve had a look at what we believe our our top add-ons for those of you wanting to get up to speed with Mulder and Scully’s new adventures.

Our hit-list is as follows:


SALTS_ThumbnailStream all the Sources (SALTS) has been gaining a lot of followers recently due to the excellent quality of its streams and the wide range of content that it makes available to its viewers. Both of these qualities stretch to the new X-Files episodes which can be found easily and are categorised simply to allow users to catch up on any episodes that they may have missed – both in this new series and in any of the nine series that came before.


Phoenix_KodiNo surprise to see Phoenix popping up on this list – it’s one of the best add-ons currently available for Kodi.

When it come to The X-Files, episodes are made available quickly (normally the morning after they’re broadcast on TV) and are streamed reliably meaning that buffering and crashing are kept to a minimum. X-Files episodes can be found in Rockcrusher > Current TV Shows > Current TV Shows with the Phoenix team seeming to be intent on ensuring that any dead links are fixed in a reasonable time frame.

Bear in mind though that Phoenix will work best for you who want to watch episodes as they come out. If you’re looking for a back catalogue (or to catch up on missed episodes), then you may find what you’re looking for quicker in SALTS.

For those of you who don’t currently have Phoenix installed on your box, check out the link below and thank me later!


velocity-thumbVelocity is still a very new add-on to Kodi but seems to be doing a good job around streaming TV and Movie content. Certainly, when pulling this article together, I didn’t have any problems around the quality or the reliability of the X-Files streams.

As with SALTS, all 10 seasons are made available to viewers, which makes these latest six episodes easy to find and to access. They’re currently appearing top of the ‘Trending TV’ section but are likely to remain in ‘Popular TV’ for some time to come.


Hope you found that useful. We’re always looking for feedback on all of our articles, so if you have any thoughts on the above, then drop us a comment in the section below. Equally, if you’ve got a suggestion for an add-on that should be on this list, let us know on the website or via Twitter where we’re always looking for more followers!