What is Real Debrid and how does it work with Kodi?

Arguably one of the biggest challenges you face when using Kodi is finding a reliable stream that is able to show you all of your chosen movie/TV show without buffering or cutting out.

If streams aren’t being maintained properly or a large number of people are all accessing the same source, users can often find their content buffering or cutting out altogether, which is frustrating at the best of times.

There are a number of services (known as debrid services) that are able to help you with this by offering you access to faster streams that aren’t held to the same bandwidth restrictions that a lot of the free feeds are subject to.

Perhaps the most popular of these services is Real-Debrid (https://real-debrid.com), which allows you to download streams as quickly as your broadband connection will let you. In addition, because Real-Debrid is a subscription based service, not everyone has access to it. Therefore, RD users who integrate it with Kodi are able to benefit from:

– Faster download speeds without any bandwidth restrictions

– Premium streaming links that only a small section of the Kodi community are able to access

The result of this? Higher quality and more reliable streams that don’t buffer and can actually offer improvements in picture and sound quality.

Now, you may have noticed that I mentioned something about RD being a subscription based service above. Well, it’s true – you do have to pay for access to these higher quality feeds – but prices are definitely not expensive.

To give you an idea, subscriptions for Real-Debrid start at a 4 euros for a month and get cheaper the longer you subscribe for – you can get a six month deal for sixteen euros (so just over 2.50 euros a month).

If it’s something that you just want to try out, you can buy a two week subscription for just 3 euros.


You certainly don’t need to use a debrid service to be able to watch content on Kodi – in fact, as many of you already know, most plugins will give you a wide range of sources to chose from and you may just need to spend a bit of time searching for a stream that is active.

Tools like Real-Debrid are mainly for heavy Kodi users – those of you who are streaming large amounts of contents every day and don’t want to be spending precious minutes trying to find a source that works and is reliable.

If buffering winds you up or you just can’t be bothered to be searching through multiple streams for a source that will show your program without kicking you out, then a service like Real Debrid may well be worth its weight in gold to you.