How do I turn the volume up on my Nvidia Shield?

The Nvidia Shield is the most powerful box when it comes to running Kodi. It’s Quad Core 64bit CPU means that it can run nearly four times faster than other products on the market and it also offers excellent gaming facilities too.

However, its volume controls aren’t always obvious and some people have reported having issues with taking the box off mute or simply wondering how they go about increasing/decreasing the volume.

Well, the good news is that (like most other things on the Shield) adjusting the volume is a very easy thing to do, although it does  depend on what controller you’re using.

Adjusting volume using the games controller

By default, the Shield comes with a games controller that allows users to download games directly on to the box from the Google Play store or from Nvidia’s own repository. If you’re using this controller to get around the Shield, then you’ll find the volume control at the bottom of the controller (highlighted in red in the image below). Simply pressing, the + or – buttons will increase or decrease the volume and if you turn the volume right down, then the box will go into mute which will affect all apps that you run from the device.

Nvidia Gaming Controller

Adjusting volume using the Nvidia remote control

The Shield also comes with an optional remote, that tends to be sold separately (although at the time of writing, Amazon are doing a special deal where they’re throwing in the remote for nothing). Adjusting the volume on this remote perhaps isn’t quite as obvious as it is on the gaming controller.

To do that, you need to run your thumb over the thin metal strip under the voice search button (see the strip highlighted by the red square in the image below). Running your thumb up the strip will turn the volume up, while running it down the strip will turn the volume down.


As with the gaming controller, once the volume is at zero the sound will go on mute, which can be undone by running your thumb up the metal strip to increase the volume again. It’s really that easy.

Bear in mind that the volume levels of the Nvidia Shield overwrite, any volume settings you may have set on your TV or in Kodi. Therefore, if you Shield is on mute, you won’t hear anything no matter how loud the volume on your TV is set. Therefore, if you do run into problems hearing any media that you’re streaming, then check the volume settings of the Shield first before you start worrying about anything else.

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