How to reset Kodi to default settings

While playing around with Kodi, there are many times when you’re likely to want to restore the whole platform to its default settings and just start again.

Perhaps that’s because you’ve finished one build and want to start another from a clean slate. Perhaps, you’ve got lost in the XML code and made too many changes that have ruined the layout of the platform or perhaps the latest 3rd party build you’ve installed is causing you no end of problems and you just want to get rid of it for good.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to know that it’s quick and easy to get back to square one without the need for re-installing the software.

In fact, there are two processes that I’m going to walk through today, which will achieve the same result. The first one uses an add-on within the platform to do all the work for you and the second is something that you can do directly from your TV box or laptop, which will be useful if you can’t get into Kodi for whatever reason.

Using the ‘Restore’ Add-on

1. Click on the System link on your main menu
Kodi System menu
2. Now chose Add-ons from the menu displayed

3. Select ‘Install from Repository’


4. Double-click on ‘TV’

Tv Adds on Repository in Kodi
5. Now select ‘Program Ad-ons’

Program Add-ons link Kodi
6. Scroll down until you see ‘Fresh Start’ and double-click on it.

Fresh Start Plugin for Kodi
7. Select ‘Install’ and wait for the pop up notification to let you know that installation has been successful

Install Fresh Start Plugin for Kodi
8. Once installed, click on Fresh Start again and this time click the ‘Launch’ link in the menu

Launch Fresh Start Add-on in Kodi
9. You should find that Kodi gives you up a pop-up window asking you whether you want to restore your platform to its default settings. If you’re still up for doing this, then click on ‘Yes’

Kodi Restore Confirmation
12. Now exit your Kodi either through your main menu or by Force Quitting.
13. Start up Kodi again and you’ll find that you’re back safe and sound with the good old Confluence skin.

The Manual Reset

So if you don’t want to download another plugin (or can’t access Kodi for whatever reason), then this second way of resetting Kodi is arguably the quickest.

Basically, the only thing you need to is delete two folders:

  • The userdata folder
  • The addons folder

If you can rid of these folders, then Kodi will automatically resort to a standard set up (and create two new folders in the process).

The only problem with deleting these folders is that they sit in very different places depending on what platform/device you’re using to run Kodi.

So depending on what platform you’re using to to run Kodi, you’ll find these two folders in the following paths:

  • Android: Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/
  • iOS: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/
  • Linux ~/.kodi/
  • Mac /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/
  • OpenELEC /storage/.kodi/userdata/
  • Windows Start – type %APPDATA%\kodi\ – press <Enter>

Use the list above to navigate to where you need to get to and then delete both the userdata folder and the addons folder. Here’s how those two folders look on a Mac:

Kodi Folder setup on Mac

Once that’s done, just restart Kodi and you’ll find that everything resorts back to exactly how things were when you first installed Kodi.

I hope that helped – if you have any problems/questions at all, then do please ping me below or on Twitter and I’ll be happy to answer them. In the meantime though, strip Kodi things back to it’s basics and getting building!