What’s the difference between the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV box?

The Amazon Fire suite contains two similar (but equally very different!) products: the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV box.

Both have become very popular with Kodi users since their launch due to the fact that they both offer affordable access to streaming technology with devices that offer better specs and technology than similar devices such as the Google Chromecast.

If you just happen to be an Amazon Prime member, then the Fire becomes a bit of a no-brainer given the number of TV shows and movies that come with Fire as standard.

But which one should you buy? Well as mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are some subtle differences between the two that you should be aware of before making you decision.

Main differences


– While both devices support 1080p HD TV, only the box will allow you to stream 4K Ultra HD.
– The box is visibly quicker than the Fire Stick and also has more memory (2GB vs 1GB on the Stick)
– The Fire TV Stick outputs audio using Dolby Digital Plus. While the Fire Box supports this output too, it also can manage 5.1 Surround sound.



– Both devices come with 8GB storage, but only the Fire Box offers expansion capabilities due to its ability to accept MicroSD storage card
– The Fire Box also offers USB functionality which is not available on the Fire Stick. This allows dongles, keyboards and mice to be added to the Box. For the gamers amongst you, it also means that you can attached XBox360 wireless controllers.



– While both devices support Bluetooth Game controllers, the Fire Box can also support Bluetooth headphones, keyboards, mice and some compatible remote controls
– The Fire Stick can only connect to the internet via a Wireless connection, where as the Box can also connect to your router via a standard Ethernet connection.



– When it comes to Amazon’s own services, both products are identical. You can access areas such as Amazon Music, Video and Prime Video across both devices
– Both devices also accept 3rd party apps, although it’s worth noting that App Store on the Fire Stick will only display those apps that are listed as being compatible with the stick, where as the Fire Box will list all apps regardless of how their compatibility is listed.

This may mean that you won’t always find the app that you’re looking for in the App Store on the stick, but bear in mind that you can sideload apps that you’ve previously downloaded on to your laptop, which may help you get around this issue.



So having gone through the above list, it should be plain to see that the Fire TV box is a higher performing product than the stick – as a result it’s more expensive too.

Currently, Amazon are charging £44.99 for the latest version of their Fire Stick and £79.99 for the 4K Fire TV Box.


Where to buy

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