How to install the Spartan Build in Kodi

Spartan is one of the more popular builds in the Kodi community boasting a custom menu, razor sharp background images and a wide range of Add-ons that cover films, live TV, boxsets and sports. There’s also an Adult section included on the menu by default.

It’s probably worth noting that the tutorial below assumes that you’re installing the Spartan Build from a clean installation of Kodi.

If you’re not, we’d certainly suggest that you reset Kodi to its default settings before you start as it ensures that your platform runs at its maximum efficiency and you don’t end up with a load of Video Add Ons from previous builds that aren’t required in Spartan.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to restore Kodi to default, then you may find that the location of some menu items differ from the instructions below.

Spartan Build Tutorial

1. Select System > File Manager

File Manager Kodi Menu

2. Now click on ‘Add source’


3. Click on where it says ‘ in the box that pops up and enter the following URL:

Double check you’ve got this URL correct – and if you’re copying and pasting it from this website, make sure you don’t have any spaces at the beginning or end of the address. If the URL is not 100% accurate, you’ll get an error message stating that the path could not be found.

4. Now click on the box at the bottom of the pop-up window and enter a name for the media source. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to type in ‘Spartan Build’ but you can use whatever name you would like.

5. Now come back to your main screen and select the System option from your menu again.

Kodi System menu

6. Click ‘Add-on’s

7. Now choose ‘Install from Zip file’


8. Select ‘Spartan Build’ from the list that is displayed on screen.

9. Select the file named

10. Wait until you get confirmation that the source has been added correctly

11. Now come back to your main menu again and click on ‘Programs’

12. Click on ‘Spartan Wizard Beta’.

13. Now pick ‘Install Spartan Build’ and wait for the build to fully download and extract.

14. Once complete, you’ll be shown a message saying that you need to force close Kodi in order for the installation to complete. Click the OK button

15. Another message will come up asking whether you’d like to continue force closing Kodi. Click on ‘Yes, Close’

16. Restart Kodi and you’ll find that the build has been fully installed.

If you have any problems getting this up and running, please leave me a note in the comments section below or contact me directly on Twitter.

Video tutorial

We’ve put together a video walking through the tutorial above, so if you find easier to follow us there then just click on the play button below!