How to install The Beast build in Kodi

The Beast Build has been developed by Chrisb18180 and has generated a huge following in the Kodi community since its initial release. It’s a fairly chunky build meaning that it covers all requirements spanning Movies, TV, YouTube and Music. Chris has also included a “Mens Area” and a “Ladies Area” as well menu options for Cartoons and sports links primarily for Premier League football.

For more information about the build (or support), then you can contact him on Twitter or via The Beast’s Facebook page.

As with all builds, we would recommend that you install The Beast on to a completely clean version of Kodi. This is mainly so that you don’t end up with a load of Add-ons from old builds that are no longer needed clogging up your system.

If you’re not sure how to reset Kodi, you can check out our which will talk you through restoring Kodi to its default settings.

If you don’t want to go down the route of resetting Kodi, then you can still install The Beast using the tutorial below but you may find that menu options are in slightly different places to what has been written.

The Beast Tutorial

1. Chose System > File Manager
File Manager Kodi Menu
2. Click on Add source


3. Click on <> and enter the following URL into the media location box:

Make sure the URL is exactly as it is written above (with no spaces at the beginning or end). If it’s not entered in accurately, you’ll get an error message pop up telling you that the media location couldn’t be found.

4. Click on the Media Source box at the bottom of the window and enter a name that reflects what you’re going to install. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to name this source ‘Ares Wizard’

5. Now go back to your home screen and select ‘System’

6. Chose ‘Add-ons’

7. Click on ‘Install from zip file’


8. Select ‘Ares Wizard’ from the list

9. Chose

10. Wait until you get confirmation that the Ares Wizard has been enabled

11. Come back to your home screen again and this time click on ‘Programs’

12. Select Ares Wizard

13. The Ares Wizard home screen will pop up. Click on the ‘Browse Builds’ button.

14. You’ll now be presented with a long list of builds that are available within the Ares Wizard. Scroll down and click on ‘Featured Builds’

15. Now scroll down and highlight The Beast vx.x.

The build will start to download and extract. You may well be asked at this point whether you want to back up your current skin. This is obviously entirely your choice, but if you’re putting The Beast build onto a clean install of Kodi, there’s not really any point in choosing to back up.

16. Once the build has extracted, you’ll be presented with another pop up box stating that Kodi now needs to be force closed. Click the Ok button.

17. Now restart Kodi and The Beast should be good to go!

Hope that helps – let me know if there are any problems by dropping a comment below this post or if you found it useful, then give us a share on Twitter (also below!) as we’d love to get more people to the site!