Build Tutorial

There are literally hundreds of different builds in the Kodi Community which can be downloaded to your platform to change your Kodi set up in just a few minutes. They cover all different themes from your favourite films to builds that focus on one area of Kodi such as live sports or even Karaoke.

You can find more info about what we consider to be the best Kodi builds around elsewhere on the site, but I honestly do believe that the best build is the one that you put together yourself.

After all, who knows what you want out of Kodi better than you? When you put together your own build, you control exactly what it looks like and how it works. You can chose the background images that show up on your screen and you remain in control of all of the Add Ons that are used, so that you only activate those streams that you want to use.

You can also control where you get taken with every click of your remote – have you, for example, been getting frustrated that clicking on a Live TV link doesn’t take you directly to iVue? Take control of the build yourself and come up with a menu system that works just how you want it to.

And the best part of the whole thing is that creating your own build is as easy or as complicated as you want it to be.

If you’re not not a techy, then you can make some fairly major changes just by going through some of the main settings with Kodi. If you love getting your hands dirty with code, then there are plenty of XML files for you to have a look through that will help you make those final tweaks that will set your build apart from other people’s.

Over the course of the next few weeks/months, I’m going to break down every element of a Kodi build. We’ll talk through everything from downloading a skin to editing XML files and I’ll also try to produce a video for every tutorial as well, so that you can follow

Basic Processes
1. Choosing and downloading a base skin
2. Changing background images
3. Setting multiple background images
4. Selecting and installing Add Ons
5. Editing the Main Menu
6. Adding RSS feeds
7. Packaging your build to share with friends

Advanced Processes:
1. An introduction to XML files
2. Changing the background image in your main menu
3. Changing the font of your main menu
4. Editing the look of your sub menus

As more and more of the tutorials go up on the site, I’ll look to the posts from here so do please keep checking back to see the text above turn blue.

In the meantime, it would be great to know what you think about the upcoming build tutorial. Does this cover off everything you want to know or is there something that you’ve been trying to figure out in Kodi for ages without any luck? If you think there are things missing from the lists above that you’d like me to cover, please drop me a line either in the comments below or on Twitter and I’ll get them updated.