How to setup and install Velocity on Kodi

Here’s a tutorial to talk you through the setup and installation of Kodi’s latest video add-on Velocity.

Velocity will attempt to fill some of the void left by Genesis by streaming movies and TV shows from multiple sources, many obtained from Trakt, so if you don’t have a Trakt account, we suggest that you sign up for one now.

The add-on also integrates smoothly with Real Debrid and will display additional links with an RD next to them to give you a wider selection of sources to stream from. Again, if you haven’t got an RD account, head-on over to their website and consider registering. It’s completely free and adds another dimension to Kodi viewing.

Anyway without further a do, here’s how you get Velocity up and running.

1. Click on System > File Manager

2. Now click on Add source

3. Click on where it says ‘None’


4. Enter the following URL:

Add Media Source Kodi

Make sure that this URL is 100% correct – if there are any differences (or spaces at the end of the URL!), then Kodi won’t be able to find the correct file to download.

5. Click on the box at the bottom of the screen and enter a name for the source. For the sake of this tutorial, I’m going to type in TvAddOns.

Media Source Name

6. Now go back to your main menu and select System again.

Kodi System menu

7. Chose Add-ons from the menu on the left of the screen


8. Now select ‘Install from zip file’


9. Chose ‘TvAddOns’ from the list

Choose Media Source Kodi

10. Click on ‘xbmc-repos’

XBMC Repos Kodi

11. Now chose ‘English’

TVFusion Repo Kodi English

12. Select


13. Wait until you get a pop up notification that the Blazetamer Repository Add-on has been enabled

14. Now chose ‘Install from repository’


15. Click on ‘Blazetamer’s Repository’


16. Chose ‘Video add-ons’

Kodi Video Add Ons Menu

17. Now chose ‘Velocity’

Velocity Add on Kodi

18. Click on ‘Install’ from the menu on the left

Install Velocity Plugin Kodi

19. Wait until you get a pop up notification confirming that the Velocity Add-on has been enabled

That’s pretty much it – you’re all good to go. To get Velocity up and running, you just need to chose Videos > Add-Ons>Velocity. Alternatively of course, you can link the Add-on to any part of your menu system to be able to access it directly.

<h2>Configuring Velocity to run with Trakt</h2>

To really get the most out of Velocity though, you’re probably going want to integrate it with Trakt so that you get more (and better quality) streaming sources.

Once you’ve signed up for your free account (see the link at the top of this page), then just follow these instructions.

1. Once, you’ve got Velocity up and running using the tutorial above, go to Videos > Add-Ons

Video Add-ons Kodi

2. Don’t click on Velocity. Instead, right click on it and choose ‘Add-on Settings’

Velocity Add On Settings

3. Select the option on the left hand side of the box that pops up.

Trakttv settings kodi

4. Now click on Authorize

5. You’ll notice at the top of the keyboard that comes up, you’ll be given a URL that you will need to type into your browser:

Verification URL Trakt TV Kodi

6. When you visit the URL, you may need to login to the site. Once you do, you’ll be asked to authorize the access. Click on the green button.

Authorize screen

7. You’ll then be given an authorization PIN, which you must copy and paste back into the keyboard showing on your Kodi screen.

TraktTV Velocity PIN Authorisation

8. Click Done.

9. Launch Velocity as you usually would.

If there are any questions at all, then give me a shout on Twitter or leave a comment below.

You might also want to follow the Blazetamer team on Twitter as well to get regular updates on Velocity.