How to setup and install iVue TV guide into Kodi

This is a tutorial that will run you through how to setup and install the iVue TV guide on to your Kodi device. For those of you who haven’t come across it before, iVue is programmatic plugin that will provide you with a TV schedule across all channels on Kodi.

It’s very similar to the TV Guide that you get on Sky/BT, only you get to link your streams to each channel so that you can make sure you’re always accessing the most reliable add-on.

UPDATE:In January 2016, the original iVue TV Guide was closed down due to improper use by certain elements of the community. A second version of the guide was launched shortly afterwards, which requires users to have a unique username and address to be able to access the guide. This tutorial, talks you through how to install this second version of iVue.

iVue TV Guide Tutorial

1. Start off by going to System > File Manager
System File Manager Kodi
2. Chose Add Source


3. Click on None

4. Type the following URL into the box

iVue Source URL in Kodi

Make sure that this URL is correct (if you’ve copied and pasted it from this page, double-check that there aren’t spaces at the end of it). If you get it wrong at all, then Kodi won’t be able to find the correct repo and you’ll get an error message.

5. Click Done

6. Now click on the box underneath the keyboard and type a name of this source. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to chose ‘iVue TV’ Click OK.

iVue File Source name Kodi

7. Now come back to the main menu on your home screen.

8. Click on ‘System ‘

Kodi System menu

9. Now choose ‘Add Ons’ from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.


10. Chose ‘Install from zip file’


11. Select ‘iVue TV’ from the list on your screen.

Choose iVue Zip file for install

12. Now chose the zip file that is displayed there – it will be named something like

iVue Zip File for Kodi

13. Wait for a notification to confirm that the Add-on has been enabled

14. Now chose ‘Install from repository’


15. Click on ‘iVue2 TV Guide Repo’

iVue TV Guide Repo Kodi

16. Chose ‘Program Add-ons’

17. Now pick ‘iVue TV Guide’

iVue TV Guide Install

18. Click on Install

Install iVue into Kodi

19. Wait for another notification to confirm that the Add-on has been enabled

20. Now click on ‘iVue TV Guide’ (it should now have ‘enabled’ written next to it).

21. Click on the ‘Configure’ option in the left hand menu

Configure iVue on Kodi

22. Make sure the ‘iVue User Guide Details’ tab is selected and enter the word ‘ivuetemp‘ into all three form fields.

iVue Username Login details for Kodi

While you’re here, you might also want to make a couple of other changes:

– Select the ‘Source’ tab and change the File Download Interval to determine how often iVue will download fresh program information. 12 hours is usually sufficient for most users, but you might want to set this to ‘Every Startup’ the first time that you use iVue, so that it forces the add-on to download fresh data.
– Click the ‘Appearance’ tab and select a Theme to change the way that iVue looks in Kodi

23. When you’ve finished, click OK.

You can now access the iVue TV Guide from your Programs > Add-ons section, but you can obviously set it up to fire from any of your other options on the main menu, just by playing around with the settings in your build. If you’re not sure how to do this, then check out our Kodi Build Tutorial for more information.

Bear in mind that the first time you run iVue, you may have to wait a few minutes for all of the program data to be loaded.