How to set up and install SALTS add-on in Kodi

Stream All The Sources (SALTS) is a relatively new add-on that focuses on providing Kodi users with high quality Movie and TV themes. It goes further than a lot of other Movie add-ons by allowing integrations with a wide range of different tools such as which provides meta data for all of the shows that you watch.

An account with Trakt is certainly not required to use the add-on though.

If you’re looking to get the most out of SALTS though, you may also want to look at setting up a Real-Debrid account to gain access to a number of additional HD streaming sources to provide you with even better quality content. You can register for free at and can try out their services for as little as €3 for 15 days.

Tutorial: Installing SALTS

1. Download the repo zip file and store it somewhere that is easily accessible from the Kodi platform

2. Click on ‘System’ from your main menu

System - Main menu Kodi

3. Now select ‘Add-ons’


4. Chose ‘Install from zip file’


5. Navigate to the zip file that you downloaded to your device in step 1

6. Wait until you get a pop up from Kodi confirming that the add-on has been enabled

7. Now click on ‘Install from repository’


8. Select ‘tknorris Beta Testing Repository’

9. Chose ‘Video add-ons’


10. Click on ‘Stream All The Sources’

11. Chose ‘Install’

12. Wait for another pop-up notification to confirm that the SALTS Add-on has been enabled

SALTS is now ready to go. You can access it from the VIDEOS > Add-Ons > Stream All The Sources, or alternatively set up the add-on to launch from other sections of your main menu.

Setting up Trakt

The first time that you run SALTS, you’ll be asked to authorize your Trakt account. This is not a requirement for using SALTS, so if you don’t have an account (and don’t want one), then feel free to click on the ‘No Thanks’ button and you won’t be bothered again.

If you do want an account, you can head over to and create one for free.

Integrating SALTS with Trakt is a nice and easy process.

1. Visit – you will be asked to login to your Trakt account if haven’t already done so.

2. Copy and paste the PIN code you’re given into the Authorisation screen in Kodi.

3. Click ‘Authorize’

Configuring SALTS to work with Real Debrid

If you’re using Real Debrid to gain access to higher quality streams, we recommend that you configure SALTS to show the Real Debrid sources at the the top of any listings that you generate. This is especially helpful if you’re using the Auto-Play feature, as it will ensure that the Real Debrid sources are played first.

Setting up SALTS to work in this way is nice and straight forward.

1. Launch SALTS

2. Choose ‘Settings’

3. Now select ‘Add-on Settings’

4. Click on ‘Source Sorting’

5. Set 1st Sort Key to ‘Debrid’ and 1st Sort Key Order to ‘Best to Worst’

6. Set 2nd Sort Key to ‘Quality’ and 2nd Sort Key Order to ‘Best to Worst’

7. Click on ‘OK’

When you click on the particular TV show or Movie that you want to watch, you should now see that the Real Debrid sources are displayed at the top of the list (as is highlighted by the letters ‘REA’ after the source link)